Monday, March 31, 2008

The closest I'll get to a scooter.

Well I've wanted a scooter for quite some time now and I finally had the chance to drive one, although it wasn't quite what I had in mind.

Let me explain. You see, about a year and a half ago I fell while walking in Harvard Square. Since that time I've had hip problems that come and go. I was in physical therapy for about 4 months last year and thought I'd solved the problem but this last month the other hip has started giving me problems.

The pain makes it really hard to walk, sit, stand and sleep, basically to move. It got especially bad this last week and to top it off I was also having chest pain, which according to the NP I saw, is a strange condition where the cartilage in my chest is inflamed, so it hurts to breathe and move my upper body as well. I was pretty much in bed or on the couch this last Friday, Saturday and Sunday. A person will go a little stir crazy from that, I don't know how women on bed rest do it, maybe its because they usually aren't in too much pain.

Anyway I needed to get out of the house, plus I needed more pain meds so my roomie and I went to Target, but how do I get around this huge store when it hurts to move? Scooter to the rescue! So embarrassing, but I really couldn't stop giggling, which, of course, only hurt more. Oh well! I guess I'll be back to normal soon! At least I hope so, this is the longest its ever lasted, but I'm back to work today. I didn't care what it took, I've watched as much TV as even I can handle!

Sunday, March 16, 2008

Spring is in the air!

At least at my apartment! I am sooo sick of the cold and can't wait for it to be summer, let alone spring (which really goes too fast here in Boston). So lucky for me, this week was the New England Spring Flower Show at the Bayside Expo Center! Hooray for flowers and plants and making me feel like I was in a warm climate for a few hours! I took lots of pictures, but for some reason my camera didn't like the lighting so not many turned out, but you get the idea...

They had some arrangement competitions that were pretty interesting to see...

My favorite of the "Baroque" Arrangements

A small flowering bonsai! I'm loving Japanese inspired things right now.

I brought home these beautiful tulips, and some pussy willow branches, to brighten our house.

Also, earlier in the day I made these tissue pom-poms that I'd seen a while ago on Martha Stewart, to add even more spring to our house! Here's the link for the how-to. I hung one in the corner of my room, and the rest of them in our hallway which has a big bare wall now, so it kind of helps make it a little less blank. Perfect for Spring!

Pink in my room

I couldn't get a very good shot of our hallway, but you get the idea. The ceilings are really high, so this fills the area in nicely.

Also, in preparation for Easter I made a batch of the tomb buns my sister told me about from Michelle's blog. They are delicious! This will definitely be a new tradition for me. But I think I might be making them more than just once a year!!