Monday, June 4, 2007

Playing catch up!

Ok, so you all hate me now, for having to watch that Jane Austen video over for 2 whole months! I'm really sorry for slacking off on blogging for the last little while, but I've been kind of busy and unmotivated to find the time to squeeze in a post. I know that's no excuse, but maybe with the weather getting better, I'll be better about blogging too. But seriously, if I had to leave you with anything, at least it was Austen!

Anyway, there's so much to share from just this past week! I'm finally and Aunt!! Yay! I can't tell you how excited I am to finally be an Aunt. And do you know what the best part is? I got a niece AND a nephew in the same week! Just two days apart! Ok, you can tell I'm really excited when I can't stop using the exclamation points. So I'll try to contain the mirth and show you some pictures of the cuteness that is little Kirsten and Jack.

My sister Lizanne and brand new baby Kirsten Elise! I would post more pics of her, cause she super cute, but I haven't been sent any except in a video (hint, hint).

My brother, Christian, Sister-in-law, Mary and cutie-pie Jack Malcom!

Such a cute little face!

He's going to be a heart-breaker. He's already got the wink down!

Becoming and Aunt is awesome, I just wish I knew when I will finally get to hold them! I don't think I can wait until Christmas.

Here's what else I've been up to in Boston in the last little bit:
(sorry, there's a lot of photos...)

My roommate and some of our friends went out to dinner a couple of months ago to an Ethiopian restaurant and we had a ton of fun! It was just this little restaurant, but it felt like we were in a completlely different world! We sat around these baskets they use as tables, on really cool chairs and then ate with our hands.
Lora and Nicole enjoying Ethiopian Food at Addis- Red Sea.

It was fun to eat with your hands!

Melinda and Cassie shared my basket with me. All our food came with these yummy crepe-like-things that you scooped up the "stew" with. It was a real cultural experience!

After enjoying Ethiopian food, what's better than belting out some songs karaoke style?! We met up after eating with Kylee and Natalie to sing some Karaoke at this place called "Limelight". It was a blast. I was a little scared at first, but after getting up and doing my first song, I was ready for more. In fact, I had so many song choices I couldn't decide what one to do! Guess I'll just have to go back!
Kylee rocking out!

So many choices, so little time...

This was our last number, Kelly Clarkson's "Since U Been Gone". The drunk girls in front of the stage there love us!

Kylee, Nat and Lora are super stars!

Next we have some pictures from the play I was in in March, "Savior of the World". If you want, you can see the entire thing on this website.

Some of the friends from my ward who came to one of the performances.

Here were are back stage getting ready to be "Angels" and "Townspeople".

Stephanie and Amanda, two of the awesome young women I got to sing with! It was really fun to be a part of this performance. It was a great testimony builder going and singing everyweek. It was a lot of work, but really worth it. I had a blast.

A couple of weeks ago it was a beautiful Sunday, the lilacs were in bloom and it was "Picnic Day" at the Arboretum. Aparently an arboretum is a tree garden. I had never been there before, so my friend Laura and I decided to go down, spread out a blanket and soak up some sun. We ran into a bunch of other people from our ward who were having a picnic, so we sat around a bit, went to see the lilacs and took a pretty walk back to the car. This place was huge, and I want to go back to explore some more!

Next up, we have Patriot's Day! This was a really fun weekend, except for the Nor'Easter that was ripping through the area. This was also the Boston Marathon weekend. Patriot's Day is a big deal here in Boston, since we are "The Cradle of Liberty". People get all dressed up and reenact the battles of Lexinton and Concord and the Old North Bridge. I'm glad we went to the Minute Man National Park's event on Sat. becuase the Old North Brdige reenactment got canceled on Monday because of the storm. I'm thinking it might be fun to dress up next year! My fellow historian Ben and I went to check it all out and we had fun despite the cold.

When we first got there you could walk around the whole park, go into the buildings and watch the Minute Men get into formation.

Here I am trying out the spinning wheel inside the house.

We went down to check out the British Camp and marched back with them and the cannon, on the way to the big battle!

Here's the British all lined up getting ready to march. Could they stand out anymore? Aparently if you want to join the reenactment as a British soldier it's close to $2000 for the outfit!

At the park, they aren't allowed to actually aim at each other, so they kind of set up where they would have been, but fired in the opposite dirrection from where the Rebels were actually hiding. They also aren't allowed to "die" so we just kind of watched a bunch of guys in red coats running around firing at nothing. The Patriots kept well hidden. I love being in the midst of all this history here in Boston. It's a lot of fun.

Ben hanging with some real Patriots. Seriously, these guys had every little detail of their outfit historicaly acurate. Ben and I were in heaven!

Ok, well that's gonna have to do for now! Whew, kind of a picture overload, huh?! Hopefully I didn't just kill everyone's computer. Because I almost killed mine.
Next post, I'll update you on my Memorial Day Weekend and whatever else I'm up to until then. Sorry this post was a little random, but some of you have been asking for updates, so you got it! I aim to please. But that doesn't mean I always hit the mark!


Nat Attack said...

Holy photos girl! This post must have taken you AGES! But I loved seeing it all... you've had a FUN few months huh?

And your niece and nephew are adorable! You'll LOVE being an aunt... XOXO!

Jacosa said...

Congrats on your "auntness". It's exciting, I feel you! =D Thanks for posting Boston pics- miss it tons! Hope all is well!