Wednesday, July 25, 2007

More Updates...

So here are the picture I linked you to, but falied to tell you about from my last post! Forgiveness is a virtue, people!

I'll start off with the 4th of July which was a total blast because 3 of my old roommates from Salt Lake came to visit me! The 4th is amazing in Boston anyway, but it was extra special spending time with my friends and showing them the city I've grown to love over the last year...

The night before they all came in I went to the dress rehearsal of the "Boston Pops Extravaganza" which is a 4th of July tradition. It's easier to get into the concert on the 3rd. We had a huge group from the ward there and had a blast.
With Ben, Leah and Toni.

Then on the morning of the 4th Ben and I picked up Becky and Shannon from the airport and we headed right out to have some fun!
Here we are waiting for the T. Ashlee met up with us later at the Old State House, where we heard the reading of the Declaration of Independence from the same place it was first read in 1776!
The Old State House

Then we walked down to Fanueil Hall and then followed the Freedom Trail through the North End for a bit before heading to a BBQ.

Later that night we met up with a big group to watch the fireworks on the Charles River. It was raining most of the night and getting home was crazy, but the show was a-MA-zing!

Shan and Beck keeping dry under an umbrella and looking patriotic!

Man, we did so much in just a few days that everything is blurring together! We went to a baseball game at Fenway which finally converted me into a baseball fan. I even bought a hat! We ate tons of good food and went shopping. One day we took a trip up to Salem, where we saw some of the witch trial sites with Ben.

This is part of the memorial to the people who were killed during the "Salem Witch Trials".

Me and a fearsome pirate outside of the Pirate Museum. If only I'd had my pirate wench costume...

We headed to the beach next. It was a little overcast, so just Ben got in the water, but we had fun walking along the beach and playing in the waves.

Ben, Becky and Shan chilling on the beach.

The water was beautiful in the almost setting sun.

We perched up on the lifeguards chair for a bit.

Here we are in front of John Harvard's statue after taking a tour of the Library where I work. Thanks again for coming girls! I had so much fun. I hope this inspires others to come visit, or for you to come back again soon! I love showing people the sites!

Other stuff I've been up to:

I went to the midnight showing of "Harry Potter: Order of the Phoenix" with a few friends. It was well worth being dead tired the next day! July was the month of Potter for me!

This is from a trip to North Bennet Street School to visit the violin shop with my friend David. He's an amazing violinist who's learning how to make them. Such an intricate process! It made me think of Grandpa Hancock and was so cool see everything and remember him. My new goal is to learn to play the violin, especially since Grandma decided to give me Grandpa's violin. I can't even say how grateful and thrilled I am.
David, the violin maestro.

Laura and Michelle contemplating the shop.

Simply beautiful.

So here's a funny story for you. I started listening to this band a little while ago called "The Click Five". After reading an article saying they lived in Watertown (my little town outside of Boston) I said, hey, that's cool. I wonder if they're any good. Turns out I'd heard them before and I was an instant fan. But wait, the story doesn't stop there, at this time I'd also been looking for housing with 4 friends and we'd had no luck. Until my roommate Lora found this place near where we live now that was big and beautiful. And guess who was living there? Yep, "Click Five". I will admit, this sent me into overdrive with my "admiration" for the band. Maybe getting the chance to look into a rock star's closet is what did it. Anyway, I found some fellow enthusiasts and we went to a free lunch time concert they played in Boston a few weeks ago. We tried to meet them afterward, but they got called away to sign some autographs. Plans to make them cookies before they moved out fell through (luckily) so we weren't able to embarrass ourselves too much. I wish I could have asked Ethan to sign my room or something before he moved out...
Being a groupie at the concert.
Ethan the bassist.
So here the stalker tendencies come out. I'm pretty sure the room I'm getting belonged to Ethan here, because of some family pictures on his dresser. How cool is that? I hope they come back to visit some time... I'm such a nerd.

Well, that's the update for now. Sorry for killing your computer with all the pictures! But I believe in the mantra that a picture is worth a thousand words! At least a thousand of mine...

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