Monday, February 4, 2008

Tag - I'm it!

Shannon tagged me for the little meme, so here goes!

Six random things that most people don't know about me:

1. I have recently gotten into origami, I bought a "page-a-day" calendar and enjoyed it so much I have already skipped ahead. I am now on May. I've filled a whole shoe box with little paper critters. There's just no stopping me once I start folding paper!

2. I never notice people's eye color when I'm talking to them. I think I tend to watch people's mouths more. I can't tell if this is just because I am uncomfortable looking into people's eyes, because I really like mouths (it's usually the first thing I notice about a cute boy), or if it's just because I'm slightly hard of hearing and am therefore trying to read lips as well...

3. I talk in my sleep, and according to some people, have even been known to do the "Mexican Hat Dance" (I claim this is not true).

4. I can not go anywhere without my Dr. Pepper LipSmackers, I am addicted. Ok, most people know that. I was really mad when they changed the formula or the flavor they used a couple months ago because it didn't taste like Dr. Pepper anymore. I went out and bought every package I could find to see if any were the old ones, to no avail. Luckily, it's since gone back to a similar, if not quite perfect, flavor again.

5. I enjoy spending time alone, not that I do this a lot, but I enjoy it when I get the chance. I like to shop alone, in fact, although it's fun to shop with others, I do my best shopping by myself, then I can take as little or as much time as I want. I don't mind travelling alone and I also enjoy going to movies by myself. I think I got to used to this when living in London. It was always an adventure to go out by myself. The one thing I don't love is eating out by myself, especially during times like dinner, when everyone else is with someone. That's just depressing.

6. I am a night owl, and not at all a morning person. I usually never go to bed before midnight and it's therefore extremely hard for me to be to work before 9am. At my current job I could come in later if I wanted to stay later, but I don't like working past 5, so I keep my 9am work time.

And now to tag six others: Mel, Nat, Laura, Kylee, Ben and Robin!

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Jordan & Melanie said...

I thought the mexican hat dance was the best. I can totally see you doing something like that. too funny :0)