Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Halloween Masquerade Ball!

What I'm sure you've all been waiting for...
Better pictures of my costume!
And of the Masquerade!

It was a great night, at an amazing location
with 600 people!
So much fun!

My feet hurt by the end of the night,
I'd lost a feather from my hair (wah waaahhh)
and I got some frosting on my dress somehow
{even though I avoided the treats table, except for a cookie}
and driving in a corset is hard
{thanks to my roommie for driving home}
but all in all it was good times!

On to the pictures!

With Nicole and Janey

Inside the Ballroom, which you can't see too well here, but had amazing wood paneling and incredible chandeliers!

A group performed Michael Jackson's "Thriller" which was awesome, I just wish I had a better view! I could only see their heads really... People were going crazy!

With Natalie, the 1992 Moonlight Masquerade Barbie
{she painted her mask on! how cool is that?!}

With Aimee, showing off our lovely fans.

A view of my shoes

And from the back
{man I have bad posture, even in a corset!}

I pretty much just said "Thank you!" the entire night,
most people thought I'd bought it at first,
but it soon spread that I'd made it myself,
so people were asking for pictures with me!
It was pretty crazy.

I'm glad I did it, but next time I might try to give myself more time to get everything done.
There are still a few little things that I haven't finished on the corset and with trimming the dress, but I was glad I was able to wear it two weekends in a row.
Who knows when the next time will be!


Mark Weggeland said...

It is absolutly georgeous! Your hair looked really good too. Was that your wig or your real hair?

lhweggeland said...

Actually, that commment wasn't from your Dad but from your best fan. Love ya!

Carly said...

Oh yeah, forgot to mention that I did my own hair for the Ball, not a wig. It took a while but I think it looks so much better (even though it wasn't exactly how I wanted it).

I put it in hot rollers with tons of hair spray and some pomade, then after I let them cool, I hair sprayed and teased until it was just a huge mess, then using bobby pins, did my best to secure it to the top of my head and make it look good. When it was all up I sprayed with with white Halloween hair paint/spray and then used a little real powder closer to my hairline. I of course left a "love lock" over my shoulder, but it was so long I had to use a bobby pin to keep it up a bit.

I think it turned out pretty good!

Celeste Pearson said...

I can't believe you made that dress! It is so awesome! And your hair? It all looked so cool - like it was really from that time period! Very impressive :)

Kristen and Josh Wilde said...

Wow, I'm totally impressed!!! Very fancy!!!

Carissa Poyfair said...

I can't believe you made that whole thing, including your hair! It all looks so amazing. You are so talented!

Margravine Louisa said...

I am so envious --- you actually finished something in time. I made a mock-up, dressed my dummy, but never had time to finish my own. You are an inspiration! keep on sewing!

Robin said...

Wow! I have no other words...Wow!

The Nowels said...

are you kidding me carly, you are so incredibly talented! What a beautiful dress.

Mallory said...

Carly! That dress is INCREDIBLE! You are so talented! So I'm not sure if you're going home for Christmas or not, but if you're not you should totally come to our place. It would be so great to get to spend some time with you. Plus you could teach me some of your mad sewing skills.