Saturday, January 27, 2007

A Very Merry Un-Birthday to You!

My friends Blair, Leah, Laura and Amber, who live just around the corner from me, threw a really great party last Saturday. The theme was the Mad Hatter's Un-Birthday Party from Alice in Wonderland, which encompased dressing in your craziest outfit, crazy food, and tons of fun games, plus wathcing the movie, for those so inclined. And how can I forget, singing Happy Birthday to everyone else and blowing out a candle! So, of course, when Blair suggested that I dress up as Alice, how could I not?

I think my look turned out rather well, I wore the blue dress I had made for the Christmas Gala in December (I didn't think I'd get to wear it again anytime soon) and I whipped up and apron right before out of a pillow case, since I couldn't find an "Alice-esque" apron in time. We had a lot of fun playing games and later sitting around singing songs with my friends Ben and Jared who are both excelent guitar players (and have great taste in music, namely mine, if I might add). It really was just too much fun. These girls really know how to throw a party. I just hope the party my roommates and I are planing for the Chinese New Year turns out half so well! Unfortunately I forgot my camera (again), so these are a mixture of Blair and Laura's photos. Thanks gals for a fantastic evening!

Blair, Me and Robin. These two gals are too cute!

Nicole, Lora (my roommate) and Laura, looking "clashy"!

Everybody singing Happy Birthday and making a wish while blowing out a candle!

Playing card games. I learned some new ones!

Michelle, Laura and Ben.

The Hostesses with the Mostesses! (OK, that sounds better when you say it out loud...) Blair, Amber, Leah and Laura. What a fun house, I'm glad they're all my friends.

Stay tuned for more blogging... I promise I'm going to try to be better!!


Nat Attack said...

Hello gorgeous girl! I found your blog sifting through Kylee's links. You are one amazingly crafty gal! I'm hoping you can teach me to do something crafty soon -- maybe knit a bathing suit or something else useful.

QUESTION: Eliza Snow was a plural wife twice. To whom was she married?

Carly said...

Answer: The first two prophets of the Church! :) It's forever committed to my memory now...

Thanks for the love! I *heart* comments!