Thursday, January 25, 2007

Confession: I'm a Bad Blogger!!

But you all knew that already didn't you? Sorry, sorry, sorry that it's been so long since my last post! What can I say? Life has been a little crazy and pretty uninteresting, so I had nothing to write about really. Plus, like Elizabeth Bennet said, I'm one of those people who is "unwilling to speak [or in this case blog], unless [I] expect to say something that will amaze the whole room, and be handed down to posterity". I'd like to think I'm clever and funny and when I fall short (as I often feel I do) here on the old blog, I get a little down and go into hiding until I feel I can share something that's either extreemly funny, important or amazingly cool. I've given up on finding anything in my life at the moment that is at the high end of any of those points, but for now, I'll update everyone on the past month, boring though it might be.

Christmas has come and gone, as you are all aware. I had a blast visiting my siblings and extended family in Utah, I even got to visit Oregon for a short while with my brother and sister-in-law at her family's house. The entire trip was a really nice relaxing two weeks and I got good news while I was there! I was offered a permanent position in the conservation lab. It's the exact same job I was doing before (I've already started the new job), just now, they can't kick me out in May! I get to stay in amazing Boston working for wonderful Harvard for as long as I want! Yay! It's great to have some job security.
Anyway, back to Christmas, it was a lot of fun seeing old friends and all my family while I was there. That's what Christmas is all about in my opinion. Unfortunately I didn't get to see my parents or my Grandma (my mom's mom was visiting her in Alaska) but we talked a lot so it's all good.
Here are some fun pictures from the trip. I mostly just relaxed, read, went to some movies and helped my sister move.
Visiting Oregon for the first time was really fun too. Mary's family is so great! I had fun seeing Emily again after so long and Steve and Amy's kids are too cute! It was great to be with little kids for Christmas morning, they get so excited.

Me, Mary and her sister (and my good friend) Emily.

The Stancliff family: Steve, Amy, Lucy and Soren (so cute and such fun on Christmas Day!)

This little moment between Christian and Lucy was just too cute. We had a ton of fun playing with the kids while we were there!

Lizzie and I at Grandma W's with Shackleton.

A very squished Emi. She likes to crawl behind my back while I'm sitting on the couch, funny girl.

Cutie-pie Rosco sleeping on Lizzie's lap.

Meeting Robin and Mel for lunch at the Gateway one day was so much fun! I really miss seeing these girls everyday at work!

Coming back to Boston was a little hard at first. Sometimes you need a vacation from vacation. But it's been good. I've been keeping busy while trying to stay warm, which I found is a little hard to do here in Boston, especially with the WIND! Can I just say that wind has always been my least favorite element, and now I'm remembering exactly why! Grr... anyway, there was about 4 days of gloriously "global warming induced" warm weather that was just awesome. One day it was 60 degrees!! 60!! In January! Not the kind of weather I was expecting for the east coast. But it didn't last, unfortunately and now it's freeeezing. My room is an ice box too. I'm thinking of investing in an electric blanket. The space heater I keep on all night sometimes just isn't enough...
Well, hopefully it will be spring soon and I'll want to come out of the hole I've been hibernating in and take more pictures and do more fun stuff, so I'lll actually have things to post about. So look for that coming soon! Hopefully.

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