Monday, November 20, 2006

On your mark, get set.... OK GO!

So I got to go to a FREE OK Go concert last week and it was so awesome! I'm still in shock and unbelief that I was actually there! you should have seen me, I was freaking out, I don't really know why, except that I was right in front of the stage and it was just crazy to be so close! And it was FREE!! Seriously amazing. They are great live and the opening bands were awesome too. The first was a local band, Scamper and then some British or Scottish boys called the Cinematics. Both were great, but I especially liked the Cinematics, their sound was really balanced for being live. But OK Go rocked! They threw out tambourines and my friend caught one and I got to use it later. It was like actually being in the band... So sweet. At the very end of the show they did the Million Ways dance (check out the previous post...) which was hilarious. I got some ok pictures on my camera phone, but Diana snuck her camera in and got a ton, so I'm hoping to get some from her. I came home with their first CD and a sweatshirt that's a little big, but awesome. And it didn't even phase me that it was pouring when we got out (I was just grateful it wasn't raining too hard while we were waiting in line). Seriously, such a great night!

The Million Ways Dance with the Backyard on the big screen... total reenactment, these guys rock!

Damien rocking it!

If you want to hear how funny these guys are, check out their Podcast, the grandfather one is especially good.

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