Wednesday, June 4, 2008

And look! Another post!

And since I'm on a roll with the posting, here's a look at the BBQ we had on Sat. for my roommates big achievements: Abby and Nicole both graduated with their Masters, Nicole is starting a new job and Lisa was promoted to "the floor" at work! My roommies are the best and the smartest. Can you believe I'm the only one in the house without a Masters Degree now? Smarties, that's what they are!

So we had about half the ward over to celebrate. David, our neighbor, brought his sweet new grill over and we cooked up burgers and good times. I made more of what is quickly becoming my famous Banoffee Cream Pie and we had a good 'ol time! Check it out:

This is what the pie looks like before the whip cream, just so you can get an idea... That's the toffee under the bananas.

Trisha looking fabulous as always!

My roomie Nicole really getting into a burger... Mmmrughh, yummy!

Marci and Erica, who came back for a visit.

Matchy-Matchy, me and Molly!

The Grill Master, David

With the Famous Banoffee Cream Pie

My roommie Abby and her BFF, Barbara

Laura, Alice and Leah chillin'

A good gathering

Picnic BBQ next to the square foot gardens

I'd say the party was a good success! The rain held off until most of us were done eating. We brought it inside at the very end and ended up watching a movie with a few people still hanging around. For me it's the first BBQ of the season, and I say, Bring It On!!

Oh, and I just have to plug The Cuteness... It was my niece and nephews One Year Birthday Party Picnic at the same time in Salt Lake! Wish I could have been there, but it looks like it was fun, check out the pictures here.

Jack and Kirsten are one year old! Such cuties!!

Remember to stay tuned for a post about J.K. Rowling! I get to hear her speak, live, tomorrow afternoon!! Can't wait!!


Christian & Mary said...

Looks like a cool bar-b-que (or however you spell it). Wow, I just looked at the pictures of your England trip, that looked awesome. Makes me want to go really bad. Dang. I'm impressed that you went by yourself, though. Gives, me an idea, maybe I can leave Mary and Jack at home and take a quick trip over, eat some fish 'n chips, catch a little footy and come back. hmmm...

The Stancliff Family said...

Hey Carly,

So this comment is also in reference to your previous England posts (not to overlook you banana cream pie--it looks amazing!). But, I just wanted to tell you that I LOVED all of your England pics! What a great trip. I'll have to talk to C & M to find out about what your plans are for school. England would be very fun. (I'm trying to talk Steve into doing a teacher exchange for a year somewhere in Great Britian!). Hope all is well!


Deborah Thue said...

Where can I get that yummy pie recipe? AAAHHH!

Aunt Crabby (Debbie)