Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Whoa... sorry there.

I'm finally back!... from being a slacker! Man, I'm so bad. It's really been a while, huh? I think I've started a couple posts, but I think I just haven't had much interesting to share or say. Which is totally not true as evidenced by my sisters blog, I went to visit her and her cute little family just a few short weeks ago. You can see some of those pictures here.

Nope, I think it's probably all to blame on my laziness! I keep wanting to be better, but a combination of a super slow computer, a broken camera and freezing temperatures that just make me want to sleep all the time, like a hibernating bear, really get the better of those noble aspirations! It's cold, I'm boring, there you go!

Well, so what is there really to tell? Not much, except we finally took down all the Christmas decorations, and I'm wishing I had some fun Valentine's decorations to put up. I did do something fun last week and finally went to the "Open Press Night" at the letterpress studio that Harvard has. I wasn't expecting to be able to print anything, maybe just set some type, but I was able to complete a whole project in just one night! It was so fun, I might even be going back tomorrow night, the creative juices are starting to flow again (despite the temperatures, or maybe because of, since I'm starting to go stir-crazy). I have lots of ideas about other projects I want to do.

Anyway, here's a not very good picture taken by Edwin (my iPhone) which of course is the only camera of the three I own that works right now... he's such a good BF like that (in the working department, not the picture quality department, unfortunately).

(those are drawings of molecules, I know it's kinda hard to tell...)
I thought it was pretty clever, and so far so do most people. Also, pretty appropriate since I just finished my Chemistry class at Harvard! Now if only I had someone to give it to. Of course I'll probably end up giving them to all my roommates, friends and coworkers anyway, even though they might start to get the wrong idea about me... but what can I say? I love Valentines Day!

Oh and P.S. Guess what's coming up at the end of this month? Only the most Awesome Event Ever! We're having a 1920's Theme party to celebrate the end of my "Roaring '20s"! I'm super excited and am busily planning away with my roommies. It's been a long time since I've had an actual birthday party. Should be fun!

Oh and just to close it out with a fun picture... here's one from I think my 7th Birthday Party when we lived in Bakersfield California. Pretty hot huh? I think the ring, the tiara and glasses just give the outfit a little something... extra, don't you?

My Dad gave me one of the coolest Christmas Presents ever, an external hard drive filled with pictures, movies and audio books. It's been fun going through all the pictures. So much fun that I might just have to start "Flashback Fridays" or something cheesy like that.


Cheryl and William said...

I LOVE your chemistry valentine! What a super cute idea!

Carissa Poyfair said...

Welcome back Carly! I'm glad you had such a fun Christmas. Your birthday party sounds awesome and I can't wait to see pictures of all the cool things you guys think up.

Brad and Robin said...

We've missed your blogs! Glad you're back! Someone I work with has one of those hard drives. So awesome. I want one now. You usually have the most up-to-date gadget so it doesn't exactly surprise me that you have one of those now :-)