Saturday, February 28, 2009

Celebrating the End of my Roaring Twenties!

So last night was my birthday party! It was a totally success and such fun! I had fun decorating the house, planning the music and getting myself all ready.

We served Chinese food (egg rolls, dumplings and edamame) with Shirley Temples garnished with cotton candy (thanks to Spark for the idea) and Maraschino Cherries. Unfortunately I didn't get a good shot of the table before everyone arrived. The color theme was Black, Silver and Pink and I made the tissue pom-poms from Martha Stewart to hang in the entryway and above the table, along with some pink battery operated Chinese lanterns I found at the Dollar Store.

Upstairs we had a photo booth with hats and beads for those who weren't appropriately dressed, and a Movie Theater showing "It" with Clara Bow, a silent movie that was pretty hilarious.

The Photo Booth turned out to be the smash of the evening I think, people had fun hamming it up, and I set the camera to Black and White and then printed copies for people to take home with them. I hung them up on the stairs to the door so people could just grab them on their way out. I hung two sheets from the ceiling (staple guns are so handy) to rope off the "Photo Booth" area, and set up the bookshelf normally in the hall with a mirror and the hats and beads so people could set the camera to a timer and take a self portrait. It worked great!

In the living room we set up a "Movie Theater" with a curtained entrance and popcorn!

Basically it was the best birthday party I've ever had! (That might be because I haven't had any major parties for a long, long time.)

And now some fun pictures from the night!

Lisa, the Flapper!

Ben and Jared sporting their Zoot Suits!

Holly and Denise show their "Jazz Hands"

Alison, Kristina and me

The Click Five Flappers!
Lora, Nicole, Lisa, Abby, Barbara and me

The Roomies

Trisha, Bree and Molly, sporting some beads

Putting on our best "Pioneer Face"

Me and Cyrus

John and Raphael raising their hats

Sorry for the picture overload!! There were many many more, which you can see on Facebook if you're on there!


Sheila said...

I love love love you pictures! What a great time! You had some wonderful ideas! I am planning a roaring 20's party and you have given me some good ideas!

Did you have dinner or do a muder mystery dinner? or was it just your birthday theme?


Carly said...

Thanks Sheila! It was a really fun time. We did not have a dinner, just appetizers, drinks and desserts, it was mostly mingling, but I love the idea of a Murder Mystery Dinner and that was one option I considered, but I wanted to invite more people so this made it a little easier to accommodate everyone. Good luck with your party! I'd love to see your pictures after the event!