Monday, March 2, 2009

Technical Difficulties?

I'm wondering if people are having problems viewing the post content on my blog... Maybe my last post broke it? There were a lot of pictures... Maybe I'll try reposting it or something. For now, I'll try tweaking some things and see what works. Let me know if you can read this!


I think I got it working again... I limited the number of posts that appear on the page to just 5. Since I haven't been very good at blogging lately, most of my posts are kind of picture overload. Anyway, I hope it's working for everyone again! Thanks for leaving feedback!


Cheryl and William said...

Hi Carly! I read this post fine, as well as your other one. Your design is super cute- and happy birthday!!!

Leah Claire said...

Carly! Your party looked amazing! And the decor is amazing (that's always my favorite part of a party anyway). I'm glad it was a fun night for you. You deserve it!

Nannon said...

I can read it fine Cars. Glad your party was such a fun one.