Monday, March 2, 2009

Are you kidding me?

The weather last Friday (for my birthday party) was a beautiful 60 degrees. So lovely, so perfect, I got all excited that spring was finally on it's way!

Well, that dream came to an abrupt end on Sunday morning. It was snowing lightly, and I thought well, hopefully it won't be too much.

Boy was I wrong.

I woke up to so much snow this morning that Harvard even canceled their classes. Unfortunately our work did not proclaim it a snow day, so I trudged in.

I'm going to keep dreaming of this:

I can't wait to ride the Swan Boats at the Boston Public Gardens during tulip season... how much longer will I have to wait?


Becky said...

Oh my gosh Car--I am so sorry! That is awful...seriously, bring on spring! That was some major storm...

Kristen and Josh Wilde said...

March is in like a very fierce lion . . . hopefully it will go out like a gentle lamb.