Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Sewing projects going on my "List"

I've come across some really fun sewing projects in the last little while.  They are now on my "To Do" list and there are a couple that I *need* to do ASAP!

Like this Buttercup Bag Tutorial.  Have you seen a cuter bag?  And can you believe it only takes 2 fat quarters to make?  I'll finally be able to use the magnetic closures I bought forever ago as well!  I'm tempted to go out tonight and buy some fun fabric... although I have a lot in my stash that I'm sure would work... maybe I'll make a couple!

{photo by Rae}

Also, this headband!  Gah!  And it's reversible!

{photo from thelongthread.com}
I about died when I first saw it... I've been looking for the perfect headband, but I get frustrated with plastic ones cause they kill my head when I wear them for a whole day.  These are the perfect solution and I can make one to match every outfit!  Just kidding... I wouldn't go that far.  Well.  Maybe.

Here are some more tutorials you really should check out:
Pretty Birds by spoolsewing.com
Lots of pretty free patterns from Amy Butler
Pintuck Pillows by thelongthread.com
This amazing Button Pillow (although I don't think I'd attempt it) on Craft Stylish
Woven Button Coasters again on Craft Stylish to continue the button theme

And there are even more projects here that can all be made from fat quarters of fabric!  Perfect for stash busting!

Also, I think I'm going to spruce up some of the pillows on my bed by tufting them with buttons (like this one).  And I've also been meaning to make a bolster for forever.  Anyone know of a good tutorial?  Maybe I'll make one and share it if mine turns out!

Oh, and I'll try to post an update of my weekend soon... nothing too exciting but Edwin did take some pictures of the "Music Session" I attended on Friday night.  Pretty fun!

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