Wednesday, September 30, 2009

A Trip to Austenland!

Well not really... I wish!
But it's almost as good
because I get to go see, hear and meet
the author of some of my favorite books!

Shannon Hale is doing a book tour to promote
Forrest Born
her newest book in the Bayern series.
{this is number 4 and should be just a beautiful as the first 3}

I hear she's a fabulous speaker
and if her blog is any indication she's super nice as well!

My favorite book of hers is Austenland
{can you guess why?}
but my copy of the book is in Utah with my sil,
so I'm going to take the dust jacket for her to sign instead!

I hope she gets a kick out of it...

If you live in Boston and want to go, check out the details here!


Leah Claire said...

Oh I'm still so jealous that you got to go. How was it? She seems so hilarious on her blog...I'd love to meet her in person!

Ron said...

Carly! I love your blog. Hey, question: have you heard of a fairly new movie called, "Bright Star"? It's a story about the poet John Keats, and his girl-next-door love Fanny Brawne. I haven't seen it yet, but I'm gonna, and it reminded me of you. Reviews say it is something 'austeners' would enjoy. Wish you & I could go today! Also, do you remember a few years ago a movie you and I discussed about 2 parallel story lines, one in present day and one in 1800's, and through letters or diaries or something she follows a trail to find something? maybe more writings? or to validate a suposed love story? Am I crazy??Help! I knew if anyone would know what the heck I'm talkin' about it would be you! Let me know.
aunt nana 2E
PS I know this kind of communication should probably be e-mailed, but I think blogs are funner. ;)

Deborah Thue said...

OOOPS! I accidentally posted on Ron's name, sooooory. Also, wish I could see you in your cute
Sgt. Pepper that you know that reference.
love again,
aunt nana 2E

Deborah Thue said...

Me again, sorry, I promise it's the last time. You know the t-shirt you like on ETSY that says, "Keep calm....". Did you know that at the ferry terminal to Bainbridge Island, the "Ivars" fish shack they sell t-shirts that say, "Keep CLAM and carry on". Just thought you'd like to know...
aunt nana 2E

Carly said...

Yes, I saw Bright Star! I should do a post about it... it's inspired my new letterpress project at least. Also, I now have that shirt, but I'd love an Ivars one. Hilarious!