Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Getting in the Halloween Spirit

My parents came for their visit!
We had a great time except that Dad got sick,
then I got sick.
Mom has an iron constitution and has thus far avoided it.

We went to NYC which was awesome!

Check out just one wall of ribbons at the amazing trim store
M&J Trimming.
Mom and I went a little crazy in here...

We had fun in Boston too.
on Thursday, their last day in town,
we went up to Salem and had fun exploring
Witch City.

One of the shops all decked out for the season.

Man Salem is crazy around Halloween.
I mean, it's crazy any time of the year but I had never been in October before.
They go all out here!

It really got me in the Halloween spirit,
so I was able to devote this entire 3 day weekend after M&D left
to working on my Halloween costume!
Here's a little peek at what I did this weekend.

For the rest you'll have to wait!

Thanks Mom and Dad for coming to visit,
I had such a fun time!
If anyone else wants to come, please do.
There's so much to see and do here, we only scratched the surface!


Mrs. B said...

I can't believe that shoe, Carly! How did I not get one crafty gene in my body?!

Lizanne said...

Carly!! The shoe is AMAZING!! Soooo gorgeous!! I cant wait to see the whole costume! :) You are always the best at costumes! I am working on the kids costumes right now, maybe I will post a sneak peek too!

Deborah Thue said...

I do! I do! (want to come andvisit you). LOVE the shoe-can't wait to see the rest!
aunt nana 2E