Thursday, October 22, 2009

MoreSightings of Famous People

Ok, so I didn't get to meet them
per se
but Ben Affleck was filming right around the corner from my work yesterday.

That's Ben Affleck and John Hamm getting ready to shoot the scene.

So I couldn't resist walking by on my lunch.
And then I had to snap pictures.
Because really, how many times do you get to see movie stars in real life?
{Sorry they're not better, I just snapped them with my phone, so that means no zooming in...}

I was having lunch in the Au Bon Pain, which conveniently had a window looking right out on the action.

That's John Hamm in an FBI jacket.

Other people were gawking, which made me a little uncomfortable joining in, but hey, maybe they're used to that? That's Ben under the black tent thing...

And it was pretty cool to see how movies work for a bit.
They were setting up the scene
getting directions from Ben (he's the director)
and setting up the cameras.

I didn't realize till I walked by today, but the electrical box on the wall was placed there by the crew. It's not there in "real life". Crazy huh?

Have any of you met a movie star?
Who would you die to see?


Carissa Poyfair said...

How cool that you got to see all that! What movie were they filming? When I was in Cleveland, they were filming part of the Spiderman movie there but I stayed away as much as possible. Craziness! I am so excited to see your Halloween costume when it is all finished!

Carly said...

Oh yeah, didn't mention the movie did I? I think it's called The Town, Ben Affleck wrote the screenplay (based on a novel, I heard?), is directing and also staring in it... the triple threat! :)

Mrs. B said...

How fun! I love Ben Affleck! They're filming a couple of things in Atlanta right now...the new show on the CW - The Vampire Diaries - is being filmed on the gounds where my friends Michelle & Dallin live. Its a long story...Michelle's the head gardener of this estate and she and her husband live in a renovated barn on the property. Anyway, if you've seen the show, the vampire's house is the estate ( Cool, huh?!

Carly said...

Noelle, I remembered how much you loved Ben Affleck (he and Jennifer Garner have a house right next to our church and I've seen her and Violet a couple times, but never Ben), but that's so cool about the Vampire Diaries! I love that show! Damon is so hot. Plus that's a really cool house. What a lucky friend!

Nancy said...

Hey girls! I came across this blog because I'm looking for any run ins anyone has had with Ben or Jen! I'm writing a story on what they're like so I'm just trying to get as many sightings as possible and people's stories.. please e-mail me if you're interested in sharing! I'd very much appareciate it! thanks :)


Robin said...

I would LOVE LOVE LOVE to see his Wife! I absolutely love Jennifer Garner. When I was a little bus girl at a restaurant John Travolta came in a few times to eat while filming that movie with Christian Slater...can't remember what it's called.