Thursday, October 22, 2009

Playing Dress Up

I just love Halloween!
Dressing up is one of my favorite things
so when I get a chance it's hard for me not to go all out.

Last weekend I was invited to a Halloween Dinner Party.
I was the only one who was remotely dressed up,
and this was toning it down for me!
Hello people, it's a HALLOWEEN dinner party!
You would think costumes or at the least all black is appropriate!

Here's what I wore:
A little witchy-fun!
I didn't get a picture of my nails but they were halloween inspired too,
with little spiders on an orange french manicure.
{Please ignore my messy room in the background... I've been sewing so much I haven't had time to tidy up!}

And since we're on the subject of costumes
here's a look at the undies I finished for under my
Marie Antoinette costume!

I have on the chemise, stays (aka corset), pocket hoops and petticoat I made over the 3 day holiday weekend. That was only 50% of the entire costume!
I'm almost done with the costume, and I'll be sure to post
of pictures of it and of the party.
I'm excited with how it's turning out!

The one thing I haven't tackled yet is the wig...
I think it should really *make* the costume.

Oh and here's a little piece of costuming cuteness I just can't resist sharing:
My niece in her cupcake costume!
She really is cute as a cupcake!
Can you believe how talented my sister is?
She made that without a pattern, using a lampshade as the bottom!

I love Halloween!!
What are the rest of you going to be...
if you're dressing up?


Lizanne said...

I can't wait to see the whole costume! The undergarments look amazing! I think this will be your best costume yet!!
I will have to send you a picture of completed version of Kirsten's cupcake costume :)

Carly said...

Yeah, sorry, I just had to post it on my blog, it was too cute! I def. want to see the completed version though!