Monday, April 14, 2008

The only way to travel

And it continues! The warm weather, while slightly interrupted by some rain, crazy lightning and thunder, and a little cold yesterday, is looking promising. This week the forecast so far is sunny or partly cloudy! And although it was supposed to rain all last weekend, it was actually beautiful on Sat. morning!

Perfectly timed as well, since I needed to run some errands and the only available ZipCar was a Mini Cooper Convertible. I know, my life is hard sometimes. I figure if I can't have a car full time, at least I can drive something fun when I do. And man, was this fun! I didn't think a trip to Target could have gotten any better, but I was wrong, obviously. A fast, fire engine red sports car, with the wind whipping through you hair is the equivalent of a big cherry on top of a banana split. And maybe the whip cream too.

Anyway, I had to commemorate the occasion with some pics on my iPhone. Edwin really is the best, although the same can't be said for my photo skills, my only claim is that some of these were taken while at a light, so I had to hurry. If only the one in front of my house was a permanent sight. Man, am I glad it's spring.

See how cute my house is? And wouldn't it just be so much cuter if this was parked in front all the time? (I'll have to post a photo tour of the house at some time, it's as charming inside as out)

Target is my favorite.

Mmmm.... mini......

Had to take a drvie along the Charles on my way to return the car. This is near Harvard. Sunshine!


Derick & Becky said...

Very cute! Lucky you taking that out! And you matched Target driving your RED car!

paula said...

What the heck is a zip car? I wanted to rent a mini once but it was too darn expensive. I love your blog.

Jordan & Melanie said...

Your house is so cute. And I love the car. :0)

Mallory and Kurt said...

So jealous of your house. I love it! We thought about renting a zip every now and again when we lived in D.C. and were car-less. If we would've known we could have gotten a red convertible mini, I'm pretty sure we would have done it on more than one occasion. I bet you looked good driving it!

Brad & Robin said...

You have a way of making me miss Boston. I miss the Charles River! Your house is so charming! You definitely need to give us the inside tour! The red mini is a total Carly car! Fabulous!