Thursday, July 27, 2006

Human Checkers

Last night, after a very interesting Institute class about Judaism, a group of us headed downtown to the Boston Harbor Hotel for live swing music again. Unfortunately, this weekend I slipped on a hanger at Old Navy and sprained the muscles and ligaments in my right hip, so I can't do any kind of "exercise" movement, like swing dancing, for at least another week. It think a combo of swing dancing and Dance Dance Revolution was to blame for the sprain. Although I slipped at Old Navy, I didn't fall, and my hip had been hurting earlier as well. I think I'm on the mend now though, but it's still a bummer. I decided to head down anyway to scope out some different moves from other dancers, just for future reference, and since there was a larger group going, I figured I'd have fun, even if I couldn't join in. I usually am too busy dancing myself to watch other couples moves, so I thought it'd be a good thing. It was such a gorgeous night and it was fun watching friends dance, and then trying to teach people steps without actually doing them.

Later, after the dancing ended we played a game of human checkers on the black and white parquet dance floor. It was 4 on 4 and after my brilliant move which knocked off two of their players and kinged me at the same time we had fun moving around the floor until eventually it was 4 kings on my team against two kings on the other. We finally trapped the other team into corners of the board and won, thanks to the awesome skills of Richard, who directed our team. It was almost like Wizard Chess in Harry Potter, but without all the smashing and killing.... good times. Anyway, I got some fun pictures of the girls doing power yoga on posts on the way back, such talent!

Kylee is very well balanced!

Laura can do yoga in a suit!

It was a really fun night. And guess what? I think my hip is starting to feel better already! Although it could just be the drugs I've been taking (no worries, just Aleve...) but I'm going to make sure I don't push it too much. I want to get better asap!

This weekend I'm going to Maine with my roommate Liz and our friends Brandon and Kyle (who are roommates). We're going to drive up Friday afternoon and stay with a very nice Sister who works with Liz at the temple. Then on Sat. we're going to explore the coast, either in Bar Harbor (where Acadia National Park is), or Portland and all it's nice beaches. I'm praying the nice weather holds out, although they keep saying to expect scattered thunderstorms on Sat. I'm hoping to get to a beach finally. I haven't been in a bathingsuit once this summer! And I also want to see a lighthouse, it's a goal I have this summer.... or year, either way. Anyway, I'll be sure to take lots of pictures and give an update when I get back on Sunday night!

*Update on the weather... it looks like it's going to be nice on Sat. all over Maine. At least that's what it says here!

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