Wednesday, July 19, 2006


This last Sat. I went with a bunch of friends to Providence, RI to see the WaterFire event they have every year. When you first hear about it, you think... what? Basically it's a bunch of bonfires that float suspended on the river that runs through town. They blast beautiful ethnic and classical music and people just walk or sit by the side of the river and enjoy the sights and smells. After seeing it I can see why it draws such crowds. It creates this beautiful ambiance unlike anything I've ever experienced. It kind of a combination of camping, europe and funeral pyres. Strange maybe, but very very cool. My camera wasn't functioning though, which was a bummer, so I've gotten some pictures of the adventure from my friend who was with us. Before walking along the river we ate dinner at the Providence Mall (which is huge!) at a place called Dave & Baxter's, or something like that. It was a fun place, but had a long wait, so we played Dance Dance Revolution while we waited. Fun times.

Brandon, Me, Jodi and Liz next to the river.

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