Sunday, July 30, 2006

The Maine Attraction

So can I just say I love Maine? It's gorgeous and luckily we had gorgeous weather too! My roommate Liz and I, along with our friends and fellow roommates Kyle and Brandon, headed up on Friday night during a huge thunderstorm that started right after we packed up the car. By the time we got up to Maine it had cleared up and we made it to the house we were staying at around midnight. We stayed with the nicest Mainers I've ever met (Ok, so I haven't met many... but still they probably are the nicest). The Fletchers, friends of Liz, let us stay with them. They even made us breakfast on Sat. and an *excellent* lunch on Sunday... yummy... Philly Cheese Steak Sandwiches! Anyway, we "slept-in" for a bit on Sat. Well, at least we said we were going to sleep in, which for me is way past 9, but whatever. Then we got up and decided what we wanted to do with our day. The trip was kind of fun because we didn't have any real plans, we just said, hey this sounds fun, or this sounds nice and just did it. Anyway, I had heard about this place from one of my co-workers called Liberty Tools, in Liberty Maine, that was supposed to have bookbinding tools. Well, unfortunately they didn't have any tools, but I got some great old books! I'm finally starting my collection! We then headed down to Camden where we had lunch and walked around for a bit. Here we are outside the restaurant where we ate a lunch of yummy (if not small and ridiculously expensive) lobster rolls. Then we went down to the dock and got some really good ice cream, perfect on a hot day. (By the way, my four scoops of raspberry and maple/walnut ice cream was delicious!)

Liz, Brandon and Kyle in front of the Village Restaurant where we had lunch. Don't they make great "Vanna's"?

Aparently in Maine they have Mooster... Lizzie this is for you!

After great food in Camden we headed on to the "Main attraction" of the day, at least for me, which was the BEACH! I finally made it to a beach! And this was a nice white sandy beach, with pretty warm water for how north we were. The only drawback to Pemaquid beach was the masses of seaweed. I kind of felt like sushi while swiming, I was so wrapped in the stuff. But it was fun anyway. We played some ocean frisbee (slightly unsuccesfully because of the wind...) and then had a little seaweed throwing war as evidenced by this picture of Kyle attempting a shot at me. He did get me once good, but I got him too...

Here's Brandon trying to be a seaweed monster and succeding quite successfully too, if I don't say so.

After some nice time in the water and on the beach relaxing, we headed off to try to find a light house. Yay! I can check another thing off my list, I saw a lighthouse! This is the Pemaquid lighthouse, and it's on a really great cliff we climed down (and then back up).

The Pemaquid Lighthouse
Brandon, Liz and Me on the cliffs below the lighthouse.
Brandon, Liz and Kyle in front of the lighthouse.
Liz, Brandon and Me attempting to row this boat...
We scaled this cliff! I had to do it barefoot because climbing in flip-flops just doesn't work. The surf breaking on the rocks.

After checking out the cliffs and the lighthouse for a bit, we headed down to Bath and got some dinner at an ecellent BBQ place called Beale Street Barbeque. It was so delicious... yummy.

This was my yummy BBQ before...

All gone! Well, almost, the beans were a little disapointing, but everything else was excellent!

On our way back to the Fletcher's for the night, we saw this gorgeous sunset.

Whew! So we did all that on Saturday! I slept like a rock that night, let me tell you. Today we went to church, which was a small little ward but very nice, after lunch and some songs around the piano we headed back to Boston in time to make pancakes for dinner. It's back to work tomorrow, sometimes I think I need a vacation from my vacation! It was seriously such a fun weekend, I hope I have more like it this summer!

*P.S. I put up some power yoga pictures from the last post... check out the talent!

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