Friday, July 7, 2006


This is a picture I took in the North End of some beautiful blooming trees in May. The North End is one of my favorite places in Boston, and not just because of the gelato. That's also where North Bennet Street School is!

So we had planned to go to the Cape 2 weekends ago, but of course, it had to rain the entire weekend, so the day before we sat down with a map and said, lets just go somewhere random. I wanted to see a lighthouse, since I'd never seen one before. It just so happens theres this little jetty of land just south of Boston which has a light house on it called Nantasket. So we said, why not?! So after a 3 hour sensory overload at Ikea, we headed off to Nantasket to see what we could see. It's a sleepy little town which was deserted, probably because of the weather. But it was fun, nonetheless. We walked along the beach, took lots of pictures and then drove out to the very end of the land to find the lighthouse. There it was, on its own little island. So although I can now say I've seen a lighthouse, I still don't think it counts. Well, it hasn't quenched my need to see one. Maybe another weekend we'll find one that you can actually get to. While walking on the beach I found a lady bug crawling on a huge rock. I've always heard they are good luck, so I let her crawl around on my finger for a bit, then put her back and took a portrait. It's a really cool picture, I'll have to post it soon.

Here are a bunch of my friends and I going to the Museum of Science. The Charles River is behind us. L-R: Me, Ami, Kylee, Michael, and Marie! Such fun! That day we also went to the Isabella Stewart Gardner Museum, which is fantastic!

I took this crazy photo during a free Dashboard Confessionals concert out side of the Government Center T-Stop. That was an awesome night!

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