Thursday, July 6, 2006

With Liberty and Justice For All!

So, I've been in Boston now for almost two whole months and I'm finally getting around to starting the blog I said I would. It's been busy. Good busy, but busy nonetheless. This little spot on the web is going to be where I'll post all the amazingly fun things I do over the next year (or more?) while I'm here. I'm absolutely *loving* it so far. Although I miss all my friends and family, it's kind of exciting to just go off and have to start almost from scratch.

So onto the important stuff. What I've been up to. Well, as you know, Tuesday was the 4th of July, and let me just tell you, in Boston, it's a HUGE deal! There was so much going on it was *crazy*! I loved every second of it. It was an exhausting day though. The basic rundown included seeing the Old State House, hearing an oration at Faneuil Hall (the "Craddle of Liberty"), watching the USS Constitution turn around in the Harbor, eating some yummy Indian food at Quincy Market, having gellatto in the North End, visiting the Old North Church and hearing about Paul Revere's Midnight Ride, going to a BBQ, taking a much needed nap, eating more yummy food and then walking down to the Charles river and watching the fireworks from a bridge! Whew! I'm getting tired again just thinking of all that! But it really was such a blast. I'll post some pictures from the day when I get them off my camera. I was going to post some other pictures of things that I've been up to since coming here, but my thumb drive doesn't want to cooperate, so I'll try again later or on a different computer. Stay tuned for more exciting stories from Bella Boston!

*We saw a band like the one above play patriotic songs before going into the oration at Faneuil Hall. Yankee-Doodle-ific!

The bridge in this photo was where we watched the fireworks from. The Boston Pops does a free concert in the hatch shell every year. We attended the dress rehersal on Monday night to beat the crowds (it was still beyond crowded, but at least we didn't have to wait all day for a spot!). It was such a great show!

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