Friday, July 14, 2006

I *heart* Mat Kearney

Ok, so it's official, I'm now a groupie! Seriously, I don't know what else to call making a fool of yourself over some musician, than a groupie. But I'm not alone so I guess it's all good (that's my groupie reasoning anyway). Last night some friends and I went down to Copley Square, right between Trinity Church and the Boston Public Library, where they were having a free concert. And actually they'll be having these free concerts every Thursday for the rest of the summer! How fun!
So last night Mat Kearney played, I'd heard just one of his songs on the radio but he was really good. He has a chill, laid-back sound, that's really fun. Plus he kind of rap-sings. Anyway, he has a MySpace page, so check it out if you're interested. So I was taking some shots of the stage and my friend Diana asked if she could use my camera to get some close ups, and if I would send them to her. So all the great photos below are her work, not mine.
After the concert ended, we headed over to the CD/T-shirt table. He had some really cool shirts we'd been eyeing, so eventually we all decided to buy stuff and have him sign it. There was a bit of a line, but we were pretty much the end of it, so by the time we got up there we got to stay and chat for a bit. He asked us where we all were from and when I mentioned I was from Alaska he thought that was cool and proceeded to tell me all about the Alaska Cruise he'd been on when he was little.
Then he mentioned he lived in Nashville (p.s. he doesn't sing country... in case you're wondering) which he'd also mentioned during the concert. Now you'll be so proud of me, because I usually don't mention the church to complete strangers, let alone semi-famous ones, but it was an opportunity to brag about my little brother Mikie. So I said, "Oh! My little brother is going to be living in Nashville for the next couple years!" He asked what he was doing there, whether he was going to school or something else and I said, "He's going to be serving a mission for our church." He politely asked what church, which I was surprised by, because I wouldn't have expected that. So I told him, The Church of Jesus Christ of Later-Day Saints, and after he had a kind of blank look on his face I said, Mormons. He put two and two together there, the proceeded to tell me a little about the big "building" they have there with the "gold statue on top". Is there a temple near Nashville or is he thinking of somewhere else?? I didn't stop to him to clarify and none of us could remember where the nearest one was. Anyway, he was just really cool about the whole thing.
He talked to us for a bit longer, about a few random things, then we all got our picture. So after that it's gotta be clear why we're his new groupies. And yes, I'm wearing the shirt he signed today. Good times.

Oh, and as a follow up to my last post, yes it rained on Wed. and yes the dance at the BHH got cancelled, but we went to the MIT one instead. It was a blast, but let me just say, dancing in a humid place like Boston is very different from dancing in Utah, especially in a non-air conditioned building. I'll just say we were pretty much all "dripping" by the end of the night. Gross, I know, but it was still fun.

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