Tuesday, August 22, 2006

Fun with Food

On Sunday night, the old roommate who's spot I took, Brooke, came back to Boston with her now-husband. (That sounds wrong, what I mean to say, is that now she's married, she wasn't before.) Anyway, they came to pick up her things that were stored in the basement this summer and we made breakfast for dinner together with my other roommate Liz. It was fun and an almost complete meal (we were missing some bacon). Anyway, Brooke's husband, Jake got creative at the end and built a tower out of our dinner. Very impressive.

Can he add a fork and a knife to this tower??!

Oops, looks like not!

More fun with food came tonight, as I got to join some friends at a fabulous restaurant for Restaurant Week. We ate at a really fun place called Mantra, which is supposedly French/Indian fusion. I say yummy!
The only thing to complain about was the cut of meat in my top sirloin. For the place, and the price, I was surprised at how poor it was. Mine had a huge tendon in it and was very fatty and grisly. But the sauce on it was very good and flavorful. For the appetizer I had the Cold Tomato and Cucumber Soup, for the entree, the Top Sirloin with mashed potatoes and capers sauce, and for desert my friend and I shared the two options, Creme Brulee and Mango Ice Cream. Very tasty and in a really great ambiance. The company was what made it great.
This is a place I would normally not have been able to eat at, so I enjoyed it. Except for the two-way mirror in the bathroom. That was a little disconcerting. Anyway, fun with food all around.
And the fun's not up yet. On Thursday, I'm going to lunch with my co-workers since so many people are leaving since the summer is ending, and then I'll get a great meal that night from my good friend Kurt (who really is a gourmet and I can't wait, I told him to go wild, so this should be interesting), and THEN, if you can believe I could possibly squeeze more good food into this week, Riva (who I went with tonight, and who happens to be a chef) and I are going to make Vegetable Napoleon and have people over for a desert pot luck and to watch documentaries. Fun times!! Wow, I really am going to eat my way through Boston!!

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